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April 24, 2008
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.::Discordia::. by Hatter2theHare .::Discordia::. by Hatter2theHare

I have no idea where this came from. I don't even really know what she looks like!! XD

Maybe it was the Rigs stamp, since I used it from a pic of him and his mistress Eris, but...for some reason, I randomly started doodling, and this is what happened.

A very different sort of thing for me!! I used a Sharpie for once, lol. Normaly, I never use Sharpie unless it's the bg for a Sei webbing pic. It works here, so, wewt.
Took a diff approach to the shading as well, trying to be subtle but clear and crisp. And then her hair is a whole nother animal. Never done hair like that, but I'm so glad I did!

The style is a mix of alot of things! Of course, the source material: [link] , and then a little Nightmare, little Corpse Bride, little Eris from the animated Dreamworks Sinbad flick ( :heart: ), lil Morticia Addams with the dress, and then my style...X3.

No refrence, just the idea and memory of the source pic, and then from drawing Rigor so much, bwah.

Needless to say from my chattiness, XD, I love this pic.


Eris© =RipfangDragon :heart:
Artwork© Becca M., aka me, yo.
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