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.:No.Life.Queen:. by Hatter2theHare .:No.Life.Queen:. by Hatter2theHare
:mwahaha: Happy Birthday, ~TLEEART! One of his fave chars is Seras, so I had to doodle her for him.

Started with a pose from Vol 1 of the manga ,which I'm sure most will recognize, and then ran crazy with it! This pic is kinda out of whack, since I wanted to draw Harkonnen really badly, but she doesn't get him until Vol 2. Btw, I have NO idea what Harkonnen looks like from the underside. I completely improvised, since I was way lazy. XD

This came out exactly how I had pictured it in my head, which makes me so happy! I had a lot of fun with the half dark half light bg, and making it meld and such. I also enjoyed every minute of the hour+ I spent just on Seras!

I opted for the OVA styled uniform, since Tim was so not helping me pick one! I had a lot of fun doing the message on the wall too! Bwah.


Seras, Harkonnen, etc© Kouta Hirano.
Artwork© Becca M.

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September 4, 2008
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